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About Range Warrior Accessories

Range Warrior Accessories Inc. is a shooting support accessory company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We produce high quality, affordably priced accessories for the shooting enthusiasts—from scope rings, muzzle brakes, rifle rails, and repair kits; to custom design and manufacture of specialized design. 

New products are being designed, manufactured, and tested daily. Check back often for updates.

All our products are manufactured in Canada, in partnership with an established high-end manufacturing company. We produce top quality accessories quickly and cost effectively, because we know is nothing more frustrating then waiting for an accessory you want.

Working Partnerships

Range Warrior Accessories Inc. is pleased to announce it’s working partnerships with NoDak Spud LLC, and IRUNGUNS in the production of a new non restricted rifle.  Based on the 180B, the rifle will use the NoDak Spud lower receiver and a new Range Warrior Upper Receiver.  IRUNGUNS will be the distributor.

The new rifle will be customizable and addresses many issues on the original design of the 180B.

The rifle will be showcased at the Calgary Gun Show on 29 and 30 March 2018.  Range Warrior will also be showcasing some other product lines that have been in development over the past year and a half.

Come see us at our joint booth (with IRUNGUNS) at the show!

Products & Services

AR Accessories: Variety of repair and replacement parts for the AR rifle.

AR 180B Parts:  AR-180B Repair Kit, allowing an 80% rebuild of the lower receiver. 

Scope Rings: High quality scope rings that can be mounted easily on a 1913 PIC Rail, in multiple heights and scope diameters. New designs and mounting systems will allow you to pick the design that suits your purpose. Offered in 4140 Heat Treated steel, or Anodized Ultra-lite Aluminum.

Muzzle Brakes: Wide range of muzzle brakes that are being tested. You can choose the look and design that suits you best, knowing that the design has been tested and proven to be effective.

Rails: An assortment of long and short rails for a variety of major rifle manufacturers.

Gunsmithing Services: Our strong working relationship with an industry leading gunsmith allows us to respond to any of your gunsmithing needs.  Please contact us with your inquiry.

Product Designs: Numerous designs are in the works for accessories and repair items.